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Adventures of Susheela and Ambili

We had the awesome-est time with kids from The Thakur International School. The enthusiasm and exuberance of the kids was infectious and kept energizing us as we went from one class to another spreading joy and making new friends. Both Susheela and Ambili connected with our young audience immediately. While Susheela’s Kolam brought colourful delights, the story of Ambili and her encounter with Maakdi, the frog, got the children ticklish and giggling all over!


Nursery, KG and Prep – Susheela’s Kolam

The children’s imagination knew no bounds as they contributed enthusiastically in Shusheela’s quest for new canvases to draw her Kolams. Their mothers will have a hard time restraining their creative hands now for sure!

After the story the children created their own beautiful Kolams with lovely colours.

Standard 1st & 2nd

We introduced the kids to Ambili and saw the wonderous curiosity in their eyes as they waited to hear about her adventures. They giggled at her silliness and joked about how Maakadi the frog was fooling her. They jumped and hopped just like Ambili did with the frogs in the rain! The kids shared their own experiences about how they dance and play in the rains and love to get all wet and muddy…what a splashy-splashy day we had! After we shared our experiences we all coloured our own Ambili in interesting patterns just like little Ambili from the story.


The school gave us a sweet token. As we watched the kids enjoying the stories we were reminded of a simple fact…there is no age for innocence!

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I want to ask God!

I live in Mumbai and have been subject to continous rainfall since last evening…sometimes light, most of the time very heavy. Most things have come to a stop including some schools, traffic, etc. However, one thing that the even the pouring rainfall could not dampen was people’s devotion to God.


This morning, as I was on my way back from my son’s play school (which turned out to be closed today), I was amazed at the sight of a looooooooong serpentine queue outside a temple, extending way out of the shaded area, extending at someplaces into the traffic. People were standing in raincoats, with umrellas, but still standing, devoutly, patiently, waiting for their turn. It made me wonder, what could inspire such devotion in people? People were queued up to thank God, to priase God, to complain, to ask for forgiveness, to ask favours…their reasons can vary but the devotion was unmistakable.


I was jolted out of my revier by a sudden tug on my sleeve. “Madame 5 rupay do na…nahi nahi madame mujhe 2 chalega…isko mat dena, mujhe dona” I found myself face to face with two tiny kids, about a couple of years older than my own son, drenched to their skin, each trying to outdo the other in their earnestness. I was suddenly swept with a fierce rage. Then right on heels came another emotion, I felt sad. I was confused. I was angry with God, who chose to give this life to these children, and I was sad coz ife had dealt them such a foul hand.


I thought to myself that if God cannot see this from above, then I don’t see the point of queuing up outside temples. Some people say, God has his own way, but I want to now what could he be thinking when he granted such a life to so many millions of children across the world. I really want to know.



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Freezing a moment in time…

I had one of the most wonderful experiences this weekend. One that i want to freeze in time so that it never grows old, never fades.


After a long wait I enjoyed my first monsoon shower…and the settiing was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better layout. There I was swinging merrily on a giganttic swing in a lavish verandah, my eyes closed, the cool cool breeze bringing in mild showers from the beautiful rain outside…the exotic smell of wet earth filling my senses, and the lush greenery totally enveloping me in a fragrant embrace!!!!! WOWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!


To make the picture complete, I was with some of my closets family people…who for a change I happen to really like and have a good time with. Growing up in a nuclear family I never really knew the little joys of a joint family, of cousins, and aunts and uncles…I was so completely unaware of these things that I never even missed these things, coz i had never known them. Now I have a large family, we still have our own nuclear set-ups in different cities. Yet are so closely knit through the unconditional love that my husband and his brothers share between them that the distances don’t stand a chance.


Coming back to my beautiful rainy afternoon, while i sat on the swing and soaked in the freshness, I could hear voices of the three brothers and my sister-in-law chatting away happily, my neices sitting on my either side humming in their baby voices. Their voices mingled with the sound of rain added to the peaceful picture and gave me a feeling so intense that it gave me goose bumps. I felt a strong gush of completness for being a part of such a loving family.

Now I’m back to Mumbai and am sitting in an air conditioned room becuase the rain gods have still not bestowed thier blessing upon us 😦 But everytime i close my eyes I am taken back to that amazing moment in time…that perfect moment that I have frozen forever.

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