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Simple Modak Recipe

Its time to please the pot-bellied lord and what best to serve than Modaks. Here are my 2.00 am recepies for Besan and Chocolate Modaks.


Besan Modak – For about 25 – 30 modaks


1. Besan – 1/2 kg

2. Ghee – 350 gms

3. Coarsly ground sugar – 1/4 kg

4. Ground Cardamom – 1 tbsp

5. Ground Pistachio – 1 tbsp

6. Ground Almonds – 1 tbsp

7. Modak molds



1. Heat ghee in a wok

2. Add besan and saute it on low flame till it turns light brown

3. Remove from heat, transfer it to a cool utensil and let it cool a little

4. Add cardamom, pistachio, almonds and sugar. Mix well

5. Grease the molds

6. Fill the molds with batter and put it in the fridge for 1/2 – 1 hour

7. Remove gently and serve 🙂


1. Saute the besan in low flame ONLY. It will take a lot of time but do not increase the flame as it will becoe brown but not roast properly.

2. While doing this if your mixture looks liquidy, do not worry. It will cool down and become good for you to mold.

3. Use coarse besan rather than the fine besan we get in super markets

4. If the mixture is dry while roasting, you can add more ghee


Chocolate Modaks – 30 – 35 Modaks


1. Khoya – 750 gms

2. Coco Powder – 4 tbsp

3. Icing Sugar – 1 cup

4. Milk Powder – 1.5 cup

5. Ground Almonds – 3 tbsp

6. Molds


1. Add khoya, milk powder and coco powder and almonds in a wok

2. Cook the mixture while stirring continuously

3. Once the khoya is cooked remove from heat

4. Add icing sugar and mix well

5. Let it cool a little but not too much

6. Grease molds and fill them with batter

7. Place your molds in the fridge for 1/2 to 1 hours

8. Remove from molds very lightly and serve


1. Do not let the better cool too much before you start making your modaks

2. If you feel the batter has cooled, then heat it before starting the process of molding

3. If the batter after cooling is a little dry, you can cook some khoya separately and add to it. But ensure that it is properly cooked


So here are the two recipes that I used to make the modaks for my Ganapati Carnival. If I can do it, anyone can…trust me! Happy Ganesh Chturthi to you all!

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Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Its festival season and the air will soon get filled with echos of ‘GANAPATI BAPPA…MORYA!!! What better way to usher in this pot-bellied Lord than to fill it with fun and creativity.

In this age of cartoons and video games, its difficult to ensure kids understand the relevance of our festivals. We organized a Ganapati Carnival that introduced children to the feats and stories of Ganesha and the relevance of the festival. Along with this, the kids made festive delicacy with a chocolaty twist – yummy chocolate modaks and beautiful festive souvenirs to brighten their festival.

Our day started with a bubbling bunch of kids listening to cute stories of Lord Ganesha and the race with brother, Karthikeya, around the world for a mango. The kids loved hearing the antics of Ganesha and his smartness in taking 3 rounds of his parents and declaring them their world! Some of them shared anecdotes about their races. Some even got charged up and ready to race then and there…ah! The energy of the young ones!

Having learnt how naughty and smart our little Ganesha was, they proceeded to make tasty treats for him – Chocolate and besan modaks. It was difficult for the young cooks to decide whether to mould the modaks first or to eat the yummy batter. With great show of will power they completed their moulds and once the moulds were sent off for setting they licked the batter off their fingers to their hearts content…lick lick! For Recipe please click here

After this they all set out to create their festive souvenirs, making baskets to carry their yummy modaks in. The young artists were soon engrossed in choosing bright coloured stones for their baskets and listened as they shared their ideas on how to make their basket pretty. We watched in wonder as each and every child created unique and beautiful patterns using the colourful stones, sparkles and lace trimmings. 

While one young boy covered his basket handle with colorful stones, another wanted to make flower patterns with stones.

A little 2-yr old wanted to add sparkles on her basket…all by herself! And we were happy to oblige!

It was heart-warming to see their enthusiasm! If you have kids around you who could use some cheer…please gather them up this festive season and have your own Ganpati Carnival! It will be a day well spent.


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