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Make the Best of Weekend Getaways

Weekends are tailor made for short getaways and if there is an extra day or two thrown in in the form of a long weekend its too good an opportunity to let go. As weeks are becoming more and more stressfull this trend is catching up. People look for quick options to fulfill their travel quota. Some do it to de-stress and some to satisfy the travelling kida in themselves.

Having lived in Mumbai for the past 10 years I have had my share of these weekend escapades where we just up and leave the city to explore nearby locales. There are so many beautiful places to go to within driving distance near Mumbai…but I’ll save that for another post. What I want to share here are some key tricks I have picked up while on these trips that truely ensure you have a good detox on these getaways.

So here goes. My tips on how to make the most of short getaway trips –
1. Dont pack in too many things on the itinerary – remember the whole point of this is to destress. Don’t make this a tick-mark trip where you have to see everything and do everything. For once just sit still and let the peace settle in.

2. Travel light – since you are going for just 2 days refrain from packing in all the spoils of your latest shopping spree! Keep your baggage light…it helps to unpack fast when you return late on Sunday night and have work the next morning 🙂

3. Go in for a spa therapy – you may not be a spa person but make that rare exception and go for a spa. Let the massuer work their magic on your tired muscles. You’ll be grateful you did when you are hunching in front of your laptop on Monday morning. Couples can opt for joint spa sessions. Some places even offer family packs!

4. Rent a bike – If the place allows it rent a bike or a cycle and explore the local area. Finding a lesser known water fall in the middle of nowhere makes for a better anecdote than the air conditioned tour guides.

5. Drive down – Road trips have a charm of its own. Stop on the way to click that perfect sunset or to have freshly squeezed sugarcane juice at a village on the way. Play car games or just lose yourself in soulful music as the scenery passes by. Choose an old highway over the expressway – they are more picturesque :-).

6. Go Gypsy – Try staying at a homestay or rent a villa instead of booking into a resort or a hotel. Lots of websites today offer exciting off-beat stay options. Explore those. They are easy on the wallet too. Plus if you are lucky you get to taste the real authentic food.

So get your bags ready. 2016 is a year of many long weekends. Here’s a ready list for you to get started. Happy Holidaying 🙂

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Towards a new self – Week I

So, I’ve joined the band wagon of weight loss. I went to a proper dietician and got myself a diet programme. She says I’m not over the brink (thank god for small mercies!) but I need to lose those extra 4-5 kgs to be in the “Healthy” category.  So now I have fruits (yuck!) three times a day, vegetable juice (double yuckkkkkkkk!!!), Amla juice (torture liquid!), ginger shots!!!!!!!!,  rotis made out of a mixture of different grains (not too bad) once a day and soya milk (chocolate flavour!!! yummyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!) once a day. So, all in all its not so bad.

In return I get to wear my old clothes which I have only be looking at for the past 2 years. They say maternal fat is not eternal…but these 2.5 years definitely seemed like an eternity to me. But now I can see myself in all my old jeans and t-shirts that have been mocking me for so long…its pay back time!!!

To help matters a bit I’m also applying the ‘Secret’ law to it. For the un-initiated, the law says that the world is your genie. It will give you what you ask for. But the ‘secret’ is to ask it in earnest and believe that you will get it, then visualise yourself with it. That way mother nature will pave your way towards achieving it and all hurdles will disappear and start working in your favour. So I have stuck some old photos of mine at several place where they are hard to miss and keep thinking of myself like that again.

In this series I will give you a week by week update of my progress towards my new self. The first week is not bad actually except the Detox day. That day I had the following symptoms –

  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Food Cravings
  • Irritation (due to hunger)

The week that is following is much easier as there is really no restriction on how much I can eat what is scheduled for each slot. For instance if its fruits at 7 pm I can eat as many fruits as I want…I can make a fruit salad with interesting seasonings and toppings.

I am waiting for Saturday when I have my next sitting. Based on my experience and results from the first week, she will give  me the plan for the 2nd week. I hope I do well enough for her to give me soya milk again!!! I hate the regular thing but chocolate flavour is delicious!



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