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Towards a new self – Week I

So, I’ve joined the band wagon of weight loss. I went to a proper dietician and got myself a diet programme. She says I’m not over the brink (thank god for small mercies!) but I need to lose those extra 4-5 kgs to be in the “Healthy” category.  So now I have fruits (yuck!) three times a day, vegetable juice (double yuckkkkkkkk!!!), Amla juice (torture liquid!), ginger shots!!!!!!!!,  rotis made out of a mixture of different grains (not too bad) once a day and soya milk (chocolate flavour!!! yummyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!) once a day. So, all in all its not so bad.

In return I get to wear my old clothes which I have only be looking at for the past 2 years. They say maternal fat is not eternal…but these 2.5 years definitely seemed like an eternity to me. But now I can see myself in all my old jeans and t-shirts that have been mocking me for so long…its pay back time!!!

To help matters a bit I’m also applying the ‘Secret’ law to it. For the un-initiated, the law says that the world is your genie. It will give you what you ask for. But the ‘secret’ is to ask it in earnest and believe that you will get it, then visualise yourself with it. That way mother nature will pave your way towards achieving it and all hurdles will disappear and start working in your favour. So I have stuck some old photos of mine at several place where they are hard to miss and keep thinking of myself like that again.

In this series I will give you a week by week update of my progress towards my new self. The first week is not bad actually except the Detox day. That day I had the following symptoms –

  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Food Cravings
  • Irritation (due to hunger)

The week that is following is much easier as there is really no restriction on how much I can eat what is scheduled for each slot. For instance if its fruits at 7 pm I can eat as many fruits as I want…I can make a fruit salad with interesting seasonings and toppings.

I am waiting for Saturday when I have my next sitting. Based on my experience and results from the first week, she will give  me the plan for the 2nd week. I hope I do well enough for her to give me soya milk again!!! I hate the regular thing but chocolate flavour is delicious!



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Cheese Rolls!

This is a new category – recipes! Now I’m no cook…I had never cooked a day till 3 years back. And today I can dish out a fair meal…I think ;-). Anyway, so here I’ll share all my experiment recipes with fellow non-cooks and tips & tricks to make it work.

Cheese Rolls


1. Cheese – you can use Amul cheese cubes  – 5 cubes

2. Curd – 2-3 spoon fulls

3. Chopped Corriander- 1 tb spoon

4. Chopped Green Chillies – 1 tea spoon

5. Salt & pepper to taste

6. Bread Slices – 10 slices

7. oil – For frying


1. Grate the cheese cubes finely.

2. Add curd, corriander, chillies, salt and pepper to it.

3. Cut the sides of the bread slices and pat some water on it.

4. Place a small tea spoon of the cheese mixture in the middle of the bread slice and make small balls out of them.

5. Heat oil in a deep fry utensil.

6. Deep fry the cheese balls on low flame till golden brown

Serve hot with ketchup or green chutney!

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Being a Parent

I learned today the true meaning of being a parent…or maybe not. I’m also scared of what else this role of being a parent has in store for me. Because if this was not the worst…I shiver to think what else there is!

As a child I was very demanding…I needed my mom 24×7. When I woke up in the morning, when I came back from school, when I wanted to eat something, when I woke up from my afternoon nap, when I came back in the evening after play and when I went to bed at night…like I said 24×7! And she gave it all…she was there for me…and my two sisters. Today I am a mother myself, have my own set of challenges, priorities, needs, responsibilities and duties. And I find myself torn…torn between all of the above and giving my child what my mom gave me – her complete selfless devotion.

It is so difficult to find the right balance between loving and pampering, between suggesting and spoon feeding, between supporting and handholding. If I spend too much time with him he becomes too clingy, if I keep him away from myself I’m betraying his trust and letting him down. If I let him have his way I’m making him stubborn, if I’m firm with him I’m curbing his spirit.

A bird looks after her eggs till they hatch, feeds her little ones till they learn to fly and then forgets about them for the rest of her life…so do most of other animals and creatures in this world. Then why did God made us differently? Why did he not give us the strength to make our children independent and leave them to face the world on their own?

I hope I have the insight and understanding to give him everything he needs and yet teach him the value of what he has. For this I have to learn a few lessons like letting him go, letting him fall and pick himself up. I need to detach myself and play the role of a third person who is not his mom but a mentor, be firm yet kind, punish and reward at the same time.

I’m so scared!


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