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What is love?

Today I ask the eternal question

Please don’t answer without reflection

For it is different for each I know

Though cupid uses same arrow ‘n bow

Some say it is giving, or letting go

Love has only friends, knows no foe

To some it is forever a mystery

For some it is related to chemistry

What makes it happen no one knows

When hearts grow fonder, the feeling grows


When I found love, or when love found me

It consumed me, pampered me, tricked n cajoled me

Took me to heights I’d never known before

Excited me, challenged me, thrilled me to the core

I had no choice but to surrender

To a feeling so beautiful n so tender

I know I’m lucky to be blessed

Coz for some it’s a forever quest


But never give up on love, I’d say

Coz it will find you, on a bright, beautiful day

Your world will never be the same again

Love has no place for sorrow or pain

It’ll touch you when you’re least aware

Fill you with a warmth, oh! so rare

Just follow its lead, go with the flow

The secret is in giving control, letting go


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Blogger’s Block

This is a weird phase for me

I had just started basking with glee

In the glory of kind words of praise

Thought my quality of writing it will raise

People appreciated my posts on this blog

Like birds of same feather together they began to flock

Everyday I found some new inspiration

Topics of love, friend, importance to the nation

I was on a roll of some sort

Coz everyday I wrote a lot

But then came a sudden slump

My mind just went numb

Issues and topics came to me

But words, they just left me

I could not write beyond a single line

For a new post I began to pine

Could this be happening this soon

My keyboard wouldn’t dance to my tune

I’m lost for words to express

This is what they call a block, I guess

But I have wowed to bounce back

And make up for the past slack

So hang in there my dear readers

I am about to shift gears

Very soon my pen will begin to flow

And this time I will not let it slow

I may be down but I am not out

I will be back with a bang – clear and loud!


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