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Thought for the Day

Never deprive anyone of hope. It might be all they have.

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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My son in his new uniform

check out his pose :-)
check out his pose 🙂


He looks so cute and all grown up! Dont miss his school bag in the background in the second pic.


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My Wordle

My Wordle

Isn’t it nice. You can make yours at

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One Nation-One Examination

Our new HRD minister has given wind to quite a storm by proposing the slogan ‘One Nation-One Examination’ as part of his 100-day plan. Going by the initial reactions, I’m not sure how it will be taken. While the idea has been doing the rounds of the academic circles for some time now, it will take very careful consideration before it is actually implemented. Some of the initial reactions that have come up are:

Against –

  1. The states wouldn’t want to lose control that a state board provides them with
  2. How will the system test the IQ and EQ of children at an all India level through just one examination
  3. The X board exams act as a wake-up call of sorts to students to prepare them for the final XII board exams

For –

  1. This will help reduce undue pressure for school children and their parents; children should not be made to go through the double stress of first X and then XII exams
  2. The earlier system of Higher Secondry worked very well and can be replicated here with reforms to suit the present day needs
  3. It will help reduce the numer of drop-outs that mostly happen after class X
  4. It will help create a more systematic grading system that will do away with un-natural college cut-off percentages

This is, however, not an exhaustive list of arguments on the issue. While some states like Gujarat and Tamil Nadu have shown support to the idea, Kerala for one thinks that the government could be acting in haste. What becomes of the proposal only time will tell. One can only hope that it does not end up becoming another of those issues that lose their real relevance and get lost in the political battle that they happen to kick up.


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Thought for the day

Never underestimate the power to change yourself.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Its a mom!

I am a mother…I have a son who is 1.5 year old. When my son was born everyone rejoiced…Its a boy! While i silently said to my self…its a mom! because the birth of a child is also the birth of a mother.

Day 1

Day 1

For the first 1-2 months all I could feel was the immense load of responsibility, lack of sleep, lack of peace, lack of space, pain in all parts of my body, fatigue …everything unpleasant. While I was happy to have a baby who was cuter than the word ‘cute’ could ever describe and more adorable than anyone could ever be, I was too consumed in the changes that he had brought in my life to notice that I was now a mother. As days passed by, and as I got adjusted to his demands and routine, I started to spend and actually enjoy sometime with him…but he was still just a cute baby who happened to be mine.


Then with time he started to learn to focus his gaze and I would find his gaze following me wherever I went. It was crazy I told myself, how could a 3-month old baby know I was his mother, I mean there were others who loved him equally his father, his grandmom and others. But the following continued. Then came a time when he started reaching out with his hands…touching my face…smiling, frowning, and then gradually laughing his tiny baby laugh…he was resopnding…not just to anyone…just me. He seemed to be saying, “I know you, you are my mother. We have a special bond.” I felt it then, slowly and steadily the feeling creeped in and it found home in the deepest part of my being – I was a mother.

I was made to realise this by my son, my tiny, cute baby who can still hardly say 3-4 words but can convey his love and complete trust with his simple getsures. I love the way he hugs me tight when I meet him after a gap of even a few hours, I love the way he runs to me when I open my arms to him, I love the way he snuggles up to me when he is sleepy, and I love the way he…I guess I love just every thing about him. He’s not just a cute baby anymore…he is my son!


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Purani Jeans…

Today I feel like going down the lanes of my Delhi university campus. I still remember how the beautiful and evergreen campus comes alive during this season. I have spent 3 beautiful monsoons there and can never forget the beautiful walks down the campus lanes in the season. I remember my first year. The colleges had just started (they start usually around July 15th) right in the middle of the rainy season. We would sit in the college campus under those huge trees that speard themselves tall & wide, have hot tea from the canteen and spend hours chatting, talking, watching people and doing basically nothing!  This was the first time I was enjoying the rainy season…


We would go visiting our friends in other colleges which are never more than a pleasant walk apart from one another. I loved to walk down to my bus stop outside the Khalsa college…which was quite a long walk (from Hansraj to Khalsa). I would have my regular stops in between – the D-school chaiwalla, the Law Faculty chaiwalla, the aloo-chaat walla, the ice-cream walla outside Miranda College…It would take me nearly an hour to reach my bus stop.  I remember climbing on trees in D-school and there was one in Hansraj, behind the photostat guy…which I climbed on with my friends from the dram-soc while our scripts were getting xeroxed. That’s where I wuld climb and tease my then boyfriend (now my husband) who would be sitting in his class trying hard to concentrate 😉


I remember my first outstation trip with friends…it was to IIT Kanpur for their annual festival – Antragini. It was just awesome…3 days of complete freedom for the first time in my life and I enjoyed every moment of it…not to mention the festival itself too 🙂 and I felt that nothing could top this…but that was before my visit to BITTS Pilani. I went there in my 2nd year.


Those 5 days in Pilani were like being on a different planet altogether…a planet where only the youth resided, a planet that had no parents, no deadlines, no assignments, no restrictions…it was a heady mix of fun, freedom and youth!!! I had some of the most memorable times there…ones that I am not likely to forgte in this lifetime.


3rd year dawned with the usual uncertainity about studies, careers, friednships, relationships. Preparing for MBA entrance, coz everyone seemd to be doing so…not that i cleared any, applying to various PG colleges, talking to seniors, professors, anyone who could give us some guidance about what should be the best course to follow. The uncertainity was too much. Then came the bittersweet memories of parting with friends, partying hard together one last time so that the memories never fade, the goodbyes and promises to keep in touch. I was sad coz I was losing a lot of my friends, excited coz I was curious what life had in store for me, wary coz I was not sure if the path I had chose was the right one for me…but I knew I’d be fine coz I had learned to take care of myself.


Its been 7 years since that last day. Today I have a family of my own, a promising job (my chosen path turned out to be the right one for me), a good bunch of those old pals who I am still in touch with. When I look back now, I know I will never forget those days…they are tucked soundly in my memories for ready reference whenever I feel like visiting those lanes again…

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